Student card

SAMMAKKO membership is the key to hundreds of student benefits! By becoming a member of the student union, in addition to thousands of national student benefits, you get access to amazing local benefits.

Slice is by far the largest student benefit service in Finland, and as a member of SAMMAKKO you can use thousands of student benefits at companies in various fields throughout Finland. With the benefits, you can easily save up to hundreds of euros per year and you will get wonderful benefits!

SAMMAKKO membership costs 18 euros per semester or 32 euros for the entire academic year. New students can join the student union as soon as they have a personal student number and SAMK e-mail. Old students can join the student body at any time! Become a member here. mobile card

The mobile student card is automatically included in SAMMAKKO’s membership fee. For a mobile card, you must upload your face image to our register when joining.

The application can be downloaded from the app store on your smartphone. To activate the application, you need an activation code, which will be sent to you by e-mail within 24 hours of joining.

The Mobile Student Card is a valid student card for all parties offering student benefits.

Plastic student card

When joining as a member, you can order a traditional plastic student card if you wish. The price of a separate student card is 20 euros. Plastic student cards are delivered to the address provided by the subscriber and must be picked up from the student union office to prove their validity.

Problems with

Read the answers to the most common questions here. If the problem is not solved, feel free to contact the student union’s customer service.