Thesis binding

Congratulations on completing your thesis! The big work is now behind us and it’s time to get the crown jewel of your studies in the covers!

The price of the thesis coverin is 49 € / thesis. Covering is handled by Plusprint (Allone Print Oy). Orders are placed through the Student Union SAMMAKKO. If you have any questions about the covering, please contact SAMMAKKO’s customer service


Here’s how to order a thesis cover:
1. Order the ID and password to Plusprint’s subscription service by filling out this form.
2. Log in with the IDs you received here:
3. Select the desired product and the number of theses to be ordered.
4. Download your thesis in PDF format only. Make sure all pages of your work are vertical. Horizontal pages do not print correctly.
5. Add the product to the cart.

Delivery selection:
• If you want delivery to SAMMAKKO’s office (Pori, Rauma), select the internal transport service as the delivery method. This is a free shipping method.
• If you want parcel delivery to the desired address, select delivery included in the price. The delivery fee for one thesis is 8.90 euros and it is delivered as a postal package. The delivery fee for several theses is 18.90 euros and these are delivered as a registered package, from which you will also receive a tracking code.

Billing information and shipping address:
1. Fill in your personal information for your billing information: name, address, phone number, and email. We will send an invoice to your email when the products are ready.
2. If you chose delivery to the SAMMAKKO office, select the address of either the Pori or Rauma office from the drop-down menu next to the delivery information. Select ‘shipping address same as billing address. Be sure to fill in your own contact information well, including your phone number.
3. Click Next and accept the order.
4. You will receive an order confirmation and later a separate receipt in your e-mail when the product can be picked up from SAMMAKKO’s office or the product has been delivered to your home.

Order your thesis here