The student union SAMMAKKO is responsible for tutoring at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. Student tutors act as peer tutors for new students at the beginning and during their studies. New students can ask anything regarding their studies or student life from their tutors. Tutors are the experts in student life! 

Tutors give a lot, but you also get a lot from tutoring! SAMMAKKO recruits and trains all SAMK tutors with different partners. Being a tutor gives valuable experience in mentoring both a group and individual people as well as making new friends even around the world! You also earn credits from tutoring. 

Any SAMK student who has enthusiasm and the right attitude to act as a tutor can apply as a tutor. You need an open mind, the ability to encounter a person as a person and some free time from your calendar. You can apply for a tutor twice a year. In the spring, you apply for a tutor for the academic year that begins in the fall, and in the fall, you apply for a tutor for the academic year that begins in January. Both application periods will be announced separately in the student union channels. The announcements will also contain a link to the application instructions. 


A tutor is one of the first people a new student will meet on campus! Tutors act as guides for the new student, as side-by-side walkers, especially in the early stages of their studies and introduce students to the new learning environment, school practices, city of study and to other students.  Tutoring is done for the benefit of the new students and the starting point for the activity is always a human encounter. As a tutor, you can work across fields of study, i.e. you can also tutor a degree program other than the one you are studying.International tutor 

International tutor

International tutors act as support for exchange students coming to SAMK. Tutors help exchange students to settle in Finland, provide guidance on practical matters (such as official practices, housing, business transactions, etc.), advise and answer questions. International tutors keep in touch with the exchange even before they arrive in Finland. International tutors also organize various events where exchange students are introduced to Finnish culture. 

Peer tutor

Peer tutors are tutors who tutor foreign language training programs. A large proportion of students entering foreign language degree programs come from abroad and they need a relatively different tutoring than a Finnish student. Foreigners entering foreign language degree programs need help with similar issues as exchange students; government practices, housing, shopping, etc. These things may seem self-evident, but are often completely unknown to those coming from different cultural background. 

Wellness tutoring

Wellness tutors are students whose job is to introduce other students to different forms, habits, and services of low-threshold movement and well-being. Wellness tutors share information about campus sports services as well as outside mobility / hobby opportunities. 

The wellness tutor acts as a mediator of various well-being events and services, and in addition to mobility experiments, it also organizes various high-threshold or smaller events that promote learning ability. The wellness tutor not only encourages students to exercise but is also aware of the importance of sleep and recovery, for example. Wellness tutors work closely with the university sports project CampusMoWe.