The task of the student union’s board is to run SAMMAKKO’s daily activities in accordance with the guidelines made by the representative council together with the student union’s staff. The Board is accountable to the Board of Representatives.

The Representative Council annually elects the chair and vice chair and 4–8 members of the board. Board members are paid a meeting fee in accordance with the fee to be decided annually. However, the activity is based on volunteering.

The Board and staff work for the well-being of students in the following sectors, among others: education policy, social policy, internationality, communication, tutoring, physical education, student culture, membership services and events.

All of the board members can be reached via email firstname.lastname @

Nadja Grönfors

chair of the board, collaborations

044 322 7502

Jonna Hautamäki

vice chair of the board, member services, events

Kosti Jussikainen

peer tutoring

Ville Nurmila

wellbeing tutoring, sports








Susanna Somero

international tutoring, events

Rosalia Breider

student advocacy

Eveliina Sinisano

communications and marketing

Email addresses of all board members
are in the form firstname.lastname

If you want to reach SAMMAKKO’s customer service,

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