Student – take an initiative and win yourself a SAMK hoodie!

Mar 4, 2024 | Bulletin, News, SAMK

An initiative is a powerful means of influencing. By taking initiatives, you can make us pay attention to matters that could be done better here at SAMK.


A good initiative:

  • boosts the functioning of the organization and processes
  • develops work, education and study methods
  • enhances the productivity of labour
  • reduces costs or eliminates unnecessary work
  • improves the image, awareness and marketing communications

Initiatives taken during the campaign, i.e. during 4 March – 15 March 2024 will be dealt with by the Quality Team of SAMK in April 2024.

The best initiative will be rewarded! For rewarding, please leave your name and email address or other contact information on the initiative form. Remember also that you can take initiatives throughout the year. Take an initiative on Oiva pages or via the link below:



It is of extreme importance that students who are at the centre of our functioning participate in common development work.

Thanks in advance for participating!