Wapprobatur 2022

Mar 30, 2022 | Bulletin, News, palvelut, tapahtumat

Come and celebrate May Day (Vappu) at the biggest May Day event in Satakunta on Wednesday 27th of April to Kirjurinluoto, Pori. Pre-party will be celebrated in the beach area of ​​Kirjurinluoto at 14-18:30, where we have a benjitrampoline, bouncy castle, church boat rows and much more hilarious program and Vappu hanging out! After the pre-party, all should head out to the city center to complete the approrally, after which the passport can be returned and students can head off to afterparty!

Wapprobatur: 6 stamps
Cum Laude Wapprobatur: 8 stamps + Wapprobatur completed
Laudatur Wapprobatur: 10 stamps + Cum Laude Wapprobatur completed
Titulus Doctoralis Wapprobatur: 13 stamps + Laudatur Wapprobatur completed
Rex Titulus Wapprobatur: 16 stamps + Titulus Doctoralis Wapprobatur completed.
You can only complete one degree at a time, starting with Wapprobatur. Please note that the previous diploma must be sewn to the overalls as proof of previous performance!

SAMMAKKO offers its members bus rides between Rauma-Pori-Rauma.
For non-members a shuttle bus costs € 5.

14:00 Wapprobatur pre party @Kirjurinluoto
16:00 Traditional church boat rowing @Kirjurinluoto
16:30-18:30 Get your appro rally passes and wristbands @Kirjurinluoto
18-22:30 Wapprobatur appro rally
21-23 Return of passports and exchange for overall badges @Opiskelijatalo Saikku
21:00 Wapprobatur afterparty starts

Afterparty Member: 14€
Afterparty NOT Member: 16 €
Without Afterparty: 8 €
Buy tickets at kide.app.