Harassment Liaison Officers

SAMMAKKO is a community of every SAMK student. All SAMMAKKO’s activities are free from bullying, harassment and discrimination. SAMMAKKO does not accept racism, sexism, discrimination based on disability or health status, trans- or homophobia. Discrimination and harassment are prohibited activities under the Equality Act. Everyone is responsible for their own actions, both at events and on the Internet and other communications.

If you witness or experience harassment, you can contact the student union harassment liaison officers. The student union has four harassment liaisons from whom you receive support when faced with discrimination, bullying or harassment. Harassment liaison officers can help resolve the matter if you wish. Discussions with the harassment liaison officers are completely confidential and no action will be taken without the consent of the person concerned.

The harassment liaison officers in 2024 are
– Helena Matinheimo (helena.matinheimo@sammakko.fi),
– Kaapo Kalliomäki (kaapo.kalliomaki@sammakko.fi),
– Kai Hytönen (kai.hytonen@sammakko.fi, +358 44 322 7506) and
– Enni Korpunen (enni.korpunen@sammakko.fi, +358 44 322 7509).

You can also report harassment situations online via this form. Reports submitted through the form will only be handled by student body harassment liaison officers.