Representative Council – Stand for election!

Sep 4, 2023 | Bulletin, Decision making, Edustajisto, Edustajistovaalit, News, SAMK

Anyone studying at SAMK in a degree programme can stand as a candidate in these elections! Candidates must be members of student union SAMMAKKO. Membership must be paid no later than noon on the closing date for nominations. The nomination period runs from 4 September to 2 October 2023. The nomination period has been extended until Thursday 5.10.2023 at 12 noon!

The Representative Council is a “student parliament” within SAMK. The Representative Council decides on the broad lines and operational resources. For example, SAMMAKKO’s action plan and budget are approved annually by the Representative Council. The Representative Council annually elects the student body and the student representatives to SAMK’s board, degree committee and study board.

20 members and deputies are elected through the Representative Council elections. Representative council elections are held annually in November.

How can I stand as a candidate?

🔸 Are you a member of SAMMAKKO? You can easily join or renew your membership here:

🔸 Select the list you wish to stand for. We will try to post on our social media when we receive information about new lists that have been created. You can also create your own list (fill in the list establishment form – vaalilistan perustamislomake)!

🔸 Fill in the candidate commitment form – ehdokassitoumuslomake.

🔸 You can also pick up the form at SAMMAKKO’s office in Pori or Rauma during opening hours. You can also ask any of the Sammakkos for help and they will be happy to guide you through the process.

🔸 Scan and send the form(s) to

🔸 You can also return the form to the SAMMAKKO office during opening hours. The recipient of the form will sign the form to acknowledge that it has been received on time.

🔸 Get ready, then just plan your own or your list’s possible election campaign!

🔹 You will receive an email around the end of the candidate registration period asking you a few questions and requesting a photo of your face to be used in our election advertising.

🔹 If you have any questions, you can drop by the office or send us email at