Frequently asked questions – and answers!

Frequently asked about student card and Slice application

How do I get a student card? You can get the electronic Slice student card by joining SAMMAKKO. Joining is easily done online. You need your student number, an @ e-mail address and a face photo.

I paid the membership fee but did not receive the Slice activation code. What do I do? The activation code will automatically appear in your SAMK e-mail approximately 24 hours after you join. If the activation code does not arrive after 24 hours, make sure that your name, email address and student number were correct on the registration form. If everything is still okay, you can contact

I have a new phone and my Slice card no longer works. What do I do? Reload Slice from your app store and reset your account at Please note that the reset works with the email.

My student card expired and Slice is no longer working. What do I do? By paying the membership fee, you can continue your membership here. Reload Slice from your app store and reset your ID at Please note that the reset works with the email address and it takes a while the payment information to be transferred, therefore, try resetting at the earliest a few hours after making a payment.

How do I get a semester sticker on my plastic student card? After paying your membership online, visit us at the SAMMAKKO offices during opening hours. If you live further away and can’t visit the office, contact, and we can arrange for the sticker to be mailed.

I have joined the student union in the past, but I took a gap year. How can I pay my membership fee again? You can continue your membership here if your email address and student number have remained the same. At the same time, you will be able to check your membership information.

How can I exchange my information or face image with Slice? You can edit your membership information here. You can also use the same form to report your changed information, such as your home address or phone number. After doing this, uninstall the application and reset your ID at

I am studying at the Open University of Applied Sciences (Avoin AMK), Can I get a student card? You can! By joining SAMMAKKO as a member, you will receive a so-called green student card in Slice, with which you are entitled to all Slice benefits. Unfortunately, the holder of the green card is not entitled to Kela, Matkahuolto or VR student benefits.

I want a plastic student card! You can order a plastic student card for 20 euros at the same time as joining SAMMAKKO. The card will come to you in the mail. NOTE! You only need to pay the EUR 20 card fee once, when ordering a student card for the first time. When you continue your membership later, a membership fee of € 18 / € 32 will suffice.

Frequently asked about the student union

What is this SAMMAKKO thing? SAMMAKKO is the student union of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. SAMMAKKO’s task is to advocate the benefits of students’ interests in the university community and also regionally. In addition to advocacy, SAMMAKKO organizes events and trains tutors for example. By joining SAMMAKKO, you will receive a Slice student card.

When are the offices open? Our offices are already on summer break. We will announce any exceptional opening hours on our social media. At other times we serve by email

You can also easily manage membership issues online: BECOME A MEMBER || CONTINUE MEMBERSHIP || EDIT MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION

What is KASI and why do I get it? KASI is SAMMAKKO’s monthly newsletter that is sent to all SAMK students. In KASI, you will find compiled information about the events of the student union, the decisions of the representative council and other current issues related to student life.

I am not a student, but I would like to get KASI. What should I do? If you want to subscribe to the KASI newsletter, provide your contact information to enni.korpunen(at)

Frequently asked about student overalls

What color overalls do I buy? Where can I buy the overalls? Student associations are responsible for the sale of overalls at SAMK. You can read more about the student associations here and the colours of the overalls here.

Pori office opening hours:

Our offices are on summer break. See you again in the fall!

During the summer we can be reached by email:

Satakunnankatu 23
28130 Pori

Rauma office opening hours:

Our offices are on summer break. See you again in the fall!

During the summer we can be reached by email:

Satamakatu 26
26100 Rauma

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