STATEMENT: The outcome of the framework session puts students in ruthless financial distress

Apr 19, 2024 | Bulletin, Decision making, News, SAMOK

Student Union SAMMAKKO is deeply shocked by the government’s decision in the framework session to move students from general housing support to the study support’s housing supplement. This decision is a hard slap in the face to students’ already tight finances.

With the housing supplement being only 260 euros per month, many students’ livelihoods are at risk of significant deterioration. Especially those living alone are in a vulnerable position, as the cuts can be up to over a hundred euros per month for their housing support. Additionally, the housing supplement is only available for months that qualify for study support, putting students in a dreadful financial predicament if they can’t find summer jobs or have to do unpaid internships during the summer months.

Moving students out of the general housing allowance is a ruthless and unfair decision.

This decision also accelerates students’ indebtedness, as they are not entitled to social assistance before taking out a student loan. The uncertainty of students’ livelihoods is directly linked to their mental well-being, which is particularly alarming in the face of these cuts.

It is outrageous that students are constantly targeted with cuts. This hinders the completion of studies and complicates students’ focus on their main task – studying. If the government wants students to graduate on time, they should support them more closely rather than weakening their already fragile livelihoods.

Students’ well-being is a direct investment in Finland’s future and its future workforce.